Christy Granville

“We had the pleasure of bringing in Kirsten for a half day LEGO® Serious Play® to facilitate a joint session for two of our teams. All participants were quickly comfortable ‘playing’ and problem solving. The unique process was engaging, well organized, and everyone agreed fun. She did a wonderful job of facilitating the group to tackle our objectives of increasing communication and cohesion between the two groups. Our expectations were definitely exceeded during this valuable short time together. Our teams… Read More

Cassidy Smith

“There isn’t a better ambassador of Play! Kirsten’s warm personality and passion for play has connected and inspired us all. I look forward to what future playful ideas she sparks next!”

Martin Berryman

Whenever Kirsten speaks I know I am in for a fun and exciting presentation – I also can be sure that I will learn something new. She oozes passion from every pore on her topics of expertise and her presentations always resonate with me and with her entire audience. She is inviting, captivating and engages her audience from her first sentence. Kirsten is always a prepared speaker.

Dr. Cher Hill

“I thoroughly enjoyed the facilitation by Kirsten. The Lego® Serious Play® enabled insightful reflection, respectful sharing of differences, problem solving and community development. If you are looking for a unique event to bring people together, surface issues, develop ideas, or move forward as a team I would recommend her.”

Janine Graham

“Kirsten’s experience as a business owner, manager, and coach means she understands how to lead successful teams and manage profitable businesses. She is a natural choice to support team productivity, engagement and problem solving, and I highly recommend her workshops to every innovative company! ”