The Science of Play

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Why Play?

Play is a proven solution to problems in communication, collaboration, and innovation and has been adopted by exceptionally innovative companies such as LEGO® Group, Google Inc, and IDEO LLC. It is is an alternative method to traditional forms of group-based problem solving by encouraging participants to engage their creative capacity during the process.

The Cognitive Benefits of Play

The idea that we need to ‘think with the body’ has gained support from a convergence of new evidence from psychology and neuroscience. These theories emphasize that cognitive processes such as learning and memory are strongly influenced by the way we use our bodies to interact with the physical world.


Why it works for Businesses

In his book, Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century, Mark C. Crowley writes: “Upending traditional leadership theory, which directs organizations to squeeze as much out of people while paying them as little as possible, Google holds an authentic reverence for its employees and seeks to not just appeal to their uber-developed minds in motivating performance, but also to their very human hearts.”

Let’s get down to business

The war for talent has never been more fierce… Technology platforms such as Linkedin have also made it incredibly easy for head hunters to steal talent from their competitors… In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees, focusing on the employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that organizations can create. So the question is, what is your organization doing to improve the employee experience?