No more boring board rooms!

    Use the Power of Play to 

    Unlock Unlimited

     Potential, Productivity, and Profit!

    Tired of yet another ineffective, gruelling meeting?

     Is your team butting heads,  going in circles, in a communication crisis? 

    Remember a time when you were on the same page having fun at work?

     Are you ready to pull your hair out, knowing full well the potential to meet your team goals, 

    yet banging against a brick wall?


    No need to lose your hair from frustration...

    We have integrated play solutions!

    What would it be like to wake up in the morning knowing that you were headed to one of your favourite places – work? 

    Imagine, if you will, a facilitator on speed dial that brings fun and play to every meeting. 

    That you have meetings planned that are entirely inclusive not leaving behind untapped resources and hidden talent. 

    You have a trainer on the books that speaks to the importance of a culture of play, creativity and innovation in your industry. 

    Yup, this is a dream that is possible!

    The organizations we work with get memorable results:

    Accelerated group decisions (2-3x faster than other methods)

    Strengthened team dynamics

    Creativity cultivated

    Strategic objectives, core beliefs, values clarified

    Innovative Solutions

    Group Alignment

    Fresh ideas and insights

    100% participation

    100% democratic consensus


    Clients come to us with these common challenges/objectives 

    for Facilitations and Trainings: 

    Team Building

    Cross-Team Communication

    Idea generation; Creativity/Innovation

    Product, People or Process Problems


    Change Management



    Shared Vision


    What is Lego® Serious Play®?

    A facilitation like no other.

    In a Lego® Serious Play® facilitation participants build their own individual answers to questions using Lego® as a metaphor. Questions are customized to the specific challenges and objectives of the team.

    Before the mind can over-think answers the hands are already building, creating new connections often not brought forward before. This method has been developed with extensive research drawing on the fields of business, organizational development and psychology.

    Lego® Serious Play® has been used in almost every industry

    from Fortune 100 companies to NGO’s around the world such as:

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the Lego Serious Play workshop facilitated by Kirsten Anderson. The Lego play enabled insightful reflection, respectful sharing of differences, problem solving and community development. If your business, department, school or organization is looking for a unique event to bring people together, surface issues, develop ideas, or move forward as a team I would recommend her.”

    Dr. Cher Hill, Simon Fraser University

    Let's talk about how these powerful facilitations can impact your bottom line ...
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