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    When was the last time you were deep into the power of playfulness?

     Yes, PLAY! Those activities you took for granted as a kid and slowly “grew out of”.

    Have you ever linked your happiness and success to the quality and quantity of play in your everyday?

    Are you still able to find fun … even at work ?

    What is it about Richard Branson, of Virgin Group, that has propelled his business to the stratosphere?

    Branson’s passionate playfulness, risk ridden, failure fueled, curious, and agile entrepreneurial style are a model of creative and innovative acumen we can all learn from. 

    Millennial or millionaire, C-level executive or struggling artist the stress of working without joy is an urgent problem that requires a global antidote.

    How do you inject those ‘Branson-esque’ ingredients into your day to day life, your job, or your business?

     How do you fire up employees for an age where if you don’t keep evolving your business dies?

    You can develop all those traits, skills, and habits by developing a playful mindset.

    It’s never too late! You can bet going to be fun along the way.

    I am Kirsten, The Play Expert, success coach, and business consultant who will lead you to …

    unparalleled playful peaks of progress to your priorities.

    Working and playing together some of the exciting results you may experience …

    1) Gain clarity in identifying areas of challenge and powerful potential growth

    2) You will be able to work in a way that makes you happier so that you can get even better results!

    3) Move you forwards towards your big, fun, play filled life and/or business of your dreams

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